TIPSS Procedure

This TIPSS (Transjugular Intrahepatic Porto-Systemic Shunt) animation was created to teach residents and doctors the TIPSS procedure. This procedure creates an artificial conduit from the portal to the systemic venous circulation to resolve portal hypertension and recurrent gastro-esophageal varies.

Pudendal Nerve: Branches and Variations

Pudendal nerve entrapment can lead to chronic, debilitating pain. The complex course and anatomical variations of the pudendal nerve and its branches provide opportunities for injury and entrapment. Originating from the sacral plexus, the pudendal nerve leaves the pelvis through the greater sciatic notch and travels between the sacrospinous ligament and sacrotuberous ligament, into the ischiorectal fossa where it enters Alcock’s canal and exits anteriorly traveling through the pubic ramus canal as the dorsal nerve of the clitoris or the penis.  The rectal and perineal nerve branches arise at varying sites along this pathway.

This two minute animation was created to enable physicians surgeons, radiologists to better visualize the course of the pudendal nerve, its variations, and the zones of entrapment, thus aiding in better understanding of pudendal nerve anatomy and its role in chronic pelvic pain.

Cilia Movement

Conservation Layrngeal Surgery

This animation was created for Transcervical Conservation Laryngeal Surgery: An Anatomic Understanding to Enhance Functional and Oncologic Outcomes published in Otolaryngologic Clinics. The illustrations here appeared within the publication and the animation below appeared in the online version. The publication discusses the complex laryngeal anatomy and its relation to how tumors grow within the framework of the larynx and the different transcervical conservation surgical approaches. The medical illustrations and animations provide an anatomic overview of the laryngeal anatomy followed by a breakdown of three variants of a horizontal partial laryngectomy (HPL) and the tumor growth associated with each approach.

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